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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"


This game is extremely fun, nothing like bashin noobs with a hot chick to make the day good.
Man I upgraded her so much I got a 604,175 Foot Hit and I'm not even done upgrading Denize yet.
Great job on this game, I will defenetly find myself playing it more.


wen i got the locel homerun i was thiking that my name was on it and it is

down to my standards

basically they made HOT girls beat the $#!%& out of some more geeks

if u go to andkon arcade they have the first

Im sorry!

ok now, i made a review with a link. i got caught by this guy and M-Bot

I love this game itself my Bro thought it was the sequl! LOL

I love it!!!

Great job! Keep up the good work. I can not wait for the sequel to homerun in berzerk land to come out.