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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"

great game

love this game. its really fun to beat up geeks and fat people! you got the best of both worlds!

ive made like 30000 feet when i wrote this

not kidding i hit the best shot ever...in my opinion...
this is better than kitten cannon
good work fellas

the king say

hell YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boy
good job

Quite fun!

I chose the girl to play as not just because she's freaking hot, but because it's funny to see a hot chick attack a nerd like that. That's probably the closest he'll ever get to her! This was really cool as the graphics were great and it was especially fun to see that fatty fly. I love how there are all those things for him to fall on, even if you can not control his flight. There are plenty of games like this, so I can certainly not call it a ripoff of anything. It was cool with the ice background and the goofy sounds.

Love the menu

Good game and i like the menu