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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"


awesome game!

just as good as the original

I gave the original a 10 and this expansion is just as good with what seems like minor tweaks, the new character addition and a couple of new items if I'm not mistaken. if you liked the original, you'll certainly like this new installment. only reason why I didnt give this a 10 is because there really isnt all that much in this one that wasnt in the original. it's still funny and fun to play. it's just as good as the original, but it isnt better. as for everyone who complains about missing their power swings: it functions fine for me, I usually only miss when I mess up. maybe you should just be patient. if anything, the window of opportunity with the power swing was slightly increased here from the original. I will acknowledge that it can be annoying when you miss a swing because of a berzerker's punch or because of contact with the blue goo. it would be nice for a small update to fix the goo part, but those are things that can be tolerated; that's why you get multiple swings.


good job on the game gives toss the turtle a run for its money!


while the entire game was admittedly a bit shallow it was fun to play. The timing of the power smashes could do with some work since I'll find myself swinging at nothing when a berzerker slugs the nerd back into the air without me realizing it. but all around it was pretty fun if not a bit to much like the old game.

More upgrades

Awesome game, great job!