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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"

So much fun! ^_^


Out of all the tossing games, this is by far the best one!

Great ! I love Berserk geek tossing games ! I just think the time the geek takes to land once he's hit the ground is too long, and it kills a bit of the groove. Also, I don't think the speed control with the arrows is really necessary, since the geek goes way too fast for us to target bonuses thanks to it. We just end up pressing the right arrow all the time to go faster and now my finger hurts.

Great game, though, keep it up ! I can't wait for BB 3 !

found a strange glitch,it happens only once but it was weird.
i maxed out the girls stats and gave her the shotgun, she hit the geek and he when high into the sky came down as a blinding quick fireball landed right into a cannon, i miss clicked and fired him straight up and when he hit the ground to go walk back to the begining the fireball thing was glitched behind him.this is not a glitch but is pretty cool the items you unlock using diamonds will carry over to a unleveled character.example: denize is lv 14 and etienne is lv 1 so he can use the sunflower seeds denize unlocked to lvl up faster.these are gem games definetly worth playing especially on the mobile devices.