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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"


I've spent hours on this game! I love it! :D

can't wait!!

wow and this is just the expansion pack can't wait for the real thing i hope this thing save progress cause i haven't been able to stop playing to find out :)

D: Wont work

When I play the game, the game screen turns all white and nothing happens
I'm still giving this a 10 becuse I have played homerun in berzerk land and it was good so I will give you credit for this to.

Help please D:


That whats the geek gets for being a douch and living in his moms basement and playing dungeon and dragons for 20 years. lol this is really fun and merry Christmas everyone ( except for the geek who is dead)


hey did anyone send teh 1000 bucks and a tuna sandwich to you guys ?