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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"


so berzerk knows how to copy and paste good for them

Very cool game, but slow.

I've to admit: This game is cool as shit but when you are over level 10 it takes more than 5 minutes until that frickin' geek stops flying.
Well, maybe it's just my pc's speed :/

Good game, not great

Most of it is well done yet I have a few issues
1) Maybe different tracks, the music gets repetitive
2) Some way to speed up the geek's falling and movement, once
you get past 50,000 it feels like it takes forever, you just have to sit and wait
until it's finished

pretty good

it as a fairly good expansion pack i liked it and it was fun. i hope for a fill seaqual in the future

Dead horse: kicked.

SirSemen and SpaceGorilla: I have news for you. Of course it's just like the first one! THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL. Seriously, what part of "expansion pack" do you not understand? This IS the first one, just with some bonus material.