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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"

Rockin' graphics and addicting gameplay

The "berzerk" theme caught my eye right away, and I started playing this game expecting much less than what it really is. The graphics obviously had a lot of effort put into them and it shows, but as good as they are they don't lag up the game at all. The scenery and objects were really creative and interesting too. Cheeseburger clouds, for example. Those touches kept the game dynamic for quite a while.
Gameplay was just as good. Aside from the control scheme being pretty generic for a toss game, the mix with grinding and stat-building as well as items was a pleasant change. Upgrading is usually present in these games to keep them interesting, but it felt more like an RPG the way it was set up here.
Multiple characters was a clever way to keep people hooked, and sharing unlockable items with them all made it less bothersome to try out a different one. I didn't notice a very significant change between each character, though.
All in all, this game rocks and kept me playing for hours before writing this review. Now to continue.

The one that goes on, and on and on and on

This is one game that will go down in history, plus the expansion is verry awesome, cant wait for 2

that girl is so awesome...

i want to marry her!

an epic expansion for a epic game.

better graphics, smae god ol fashioned hard rock and best of all new weapons, tools and a new character to use, and i will say this, she is a hottie. cant wait for more.

but by far, astounding work here.

ill never understand why this fun........

but GOD its fun