Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

This game is really awesome.

I just have to say this game is very fun to play, to the point where I played it though to the end. Just the perfect difficulty and learning curve. I enjoyed this a lot and hope you get an award. :)

Well done.

Don't mind the disrespect in some of the scores. I get scores that were lower then I expected all the time but look at you your on the homepage and your game is great! This is really a platformer unlike the ones I've seen in the past. The respawn concept is fairly unique as far as I know and the controls are tight the graphics are fluent and the system all works together really well. If I were to make any suggestions it'd be the option to skip levels you're having trouble with and a nice level select screen to choose levels. Personally I find the games difficulty just right but some people I think may find it difficult so that option would be a very nice addition.

Its great!

It is a great game with seemingly good controls, and I love the movie. It'd be better if I wasnt playing on my computer which doesnt let me push 3 keys at once. Other than my problem, I had fun! Oh yes, that user, LAXfresh349 is a spammer, I have seen him on a few other of flash submissions, and he has voted 0 and spammed on them, and if youtube works similar to newgrounds, then you might be able to see his recent submissions, and we could blam him from Newgrounds.

This game is quite fun to play with the respawning mechanics being used for a variety of puzzles, but the lack of any unique moments in this game(bar the last level) and the sudden jump in difficulty in level 19 was going to make me give this game a three, until I got to the end. By god, it was genius. I wasn't expecting much since this looked to be a simple game, but this game actually was leading up to an aesop, and a really important one at that. Good job surprising us, and making us feel satisfied for beating level 19.

yummi bitch