Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

Lots of fun and just the right amount of difficult

A rather simple idea for a game, but I was very entertained!
The gameplay progressed at a very reasonable speed. Every few levels a new little catch was added. Once we learned we could carry the respawn point I realized this was going to get tricky soon :)
Then you threw in more colours and the walls, and we could carry those too!?
That's when I really started enjoying myself here!

Excellent sound track. Nice and simple graphics. VERY enjoyable gameplay. I think for this just being you messing around with an idea you thought up one day, this turned out great!

There were a few times a wish I could pick up something when I was on top of it., that seems like it might have made it a bit easier in a few cases.
I haven't played through to the end yet, so I'm not sure if this is here or not. But a death counter perhaps?
Just little niceties that aren't necessary.

I loved it! Thanks for the time killer!

JonBro responds:


I actually thought about a death-counter, but considering the many ways you can die repeatedly in one place (like respawning next to spikes, falling down a wall of spikes, etc.) I decided it might be too faulty and perhaps too much work for what it would be worth. ...or something.


little hard

this game is hard but cool


The idea of bringing around a platform you can respawn on and then dying to your advantage is an interesting concept. The graphics remind me a bit of VVVVVV, but the overall game mechanics are radically different and focus on more of a puzzle-oriented platforming experience which is good.

The music isn't bad, but it seems a little bit standard for 8-bit-style platformers. The controls aren't very good, but the puzzles make up for it. All-in-all good game.


its a cool game also needs some brains. i enjoyed it

Game with potential.

I was easily able to figure out what you press for the picking up tool. A good way of making that not happen would make it so the Key.isDown action is not activated until that certain level.

The game has a pretty good idea, respawning always has a great deal to mess with.

However in the one when you have to press up to launch the respawn object, it took me 20 tries to then try to jump and then throw, which you could have included on there.

Nice game though. I liked the idea.

JonBro responds:

The thing about not picking up stuff until Level 6 is that you have to be able to pick up the respawn point to get the coin in Level 3, plus it would seem cheap to try picking up an object and have it not work then but still work later. But I do see what you mean.

Sorry for the jump-and-throw mechanism. It feels natural to me, but I guess not so much to others.

Thanks for your insight!