Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

I don't care about one last thing I should know

There was no reason for level 19. Otherwise, good game.

Good game

Controls are rather finicky, but a cute idea

Some info on the jumping bug

Alright so I was curious as to why so many people were experiencing sticky keys and jumping problems while I found it perfectly fine so I did a bit of testing.

The bug is definitely browser-related, on mozilla its pretty smooth but on IE the jumping becomes annoying as hell. So I guess you should run your games through common browsers for your test run.

Also you lost a point for level 19, that was mean :(.

JonBro responds:

Interesting. I didn't test this on any browsers before I tried it. I just played the Flash file like I normally do, so you've made a great suggestion!

It was all good until...

lvl 19, when it basically went from puzzle game to annoy the hell out of you game. You had a congruent concept going throughout the entire game and then suddenly BAM, time to throw is some level made just to piss off the player!! congrats, I'm pissed, heres your 2, you truly earned it! Challenge the players mind to solve the puzzle not perfectly navigate a room over and over and over again.

good game

This game is challenging and fun none the less however the down side is that I found the controls quite buggy at times other than that overall its quite a good simple game