Reviews for "A World of Blue (Studio)"

The vocals were a little bit too dry for the mix of the instrumentals, in my opinion. Maybe it's just the mix in general...it sounds too real in the forefront! Hahahahaha. I guess I like hearing a slightly more cavernous club ambience. Anyways, nice groove and great assortment of brass. You're so lucky to get to work with live players so often. I thought the lyrics had awkward pacing, but they still worked. Welp...in the end it's a really nice song!

deadlyfishes responds:

The vox is still a WIP for now, I did them last minute at my apartment instead of at the studio because of some stupid scheduling issue. It was insane that we got it done quickly enough to show off the film the song was in the very next morning. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be working on these things more this week. Also I was going for more of a feel that the recording was from 1940-1950. On my website I made vinyl versions that make it sound pretty authentic--- http://www.matthewpablo.com/archives/new-jazz-film-score-11-17-13