Reviews for "DJManiax"

This is really cool. Being a big fan of rhythm games, it really made my day. The only problem I see is that the notes can be off sync, and I have to choose between hitting the notes on beat, or getting a better score. Doesn't happen often though. Also, it is a bit too easy to get a fantastic. Still, a really fun game.

Even though I really love this, I can only give a 4 Star; The reason for this is because the music cuts out about half way through, doesn't matter what song it is, it cuts out for about a minute. I have tried using a different pc, but it happens on every one I've tried.

Started off on Crazy... really challenging to begin with and tons of fun. Definitely will be back to play more. Great art style and good selection of music!

Tons of fun. Glad to see Mode 7's cracktro music in there XD

You sir are an idiot