Reviews for "DJManiax"

Pretty entertaining...

A very unique flash rhythm game...But what I'm going to commend you about is the implementation of the tablet/mouse control. That's what makes it unique.
...though I can't seem to get even a single crazy star with it...pretty hard...
and I still refuse to use my keyboard! (I just don't want to practice XP)

I tried using my tablet and mouse. I found out that both of them really strains the hand/finger. Especially if you play those songs that had tons of notes overlapping each other. Anticipate by BreathBeneath is a good example. LOTS of note things~ I practically had to use both of my hands and tap my mouse like hell to get at least a B because it is seriously impossible to use one hand and/or a tablet at it without getting tired.

Other than that it's a pretty decent game. Even though some are out of sync and some are effin impossible (Dash 3 something)
It is fun and new for me~
.....and I can't help but sing along in Cirno's Perfect Math Class...

good but..

gameplay based on DJ Max Technika ;) very very similar if i do say myself. very good though, was a bit dissapointed that i suffered from lag and therefore couldnt complete any song, but it works its good and keep up the good word.


I love this game!!! Addicted :)

DJ Madness

Dude I love this game. I'm totally addicted to it. Not like guitar hero but awesome!


this is a very good rythem game i think the choice to use a tablet is very cool!