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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

Lots of fun yet weird

A very entertaining game, i mean its not everyday you get to kill a kid. Could use better sound track and more options pn the upgrades, but really a good game.

super smash

This thing is like Holiday Super Smash TV. It's well made and looks amazing but ultimately the game showed every trick it had up it's sleeve long before I was fully upgraded, so I pretty much felt that I had seen everything without really playing the game through. I just ended up quitting in the middle of a round to write this review.

my review

the game wasnt great but not horrible and it was aggrivating at times when u wanted to shoot someone but u only shoot left right up down and diagonal. maybe it would make the game too easy but it was aggrevating at times. all in oll its a ok game


I did every single achievement yet it hasnt showed up. Fix This

pretty good

although it's WAYYY TOOO REPETITIVE. But it was really fun when it lasted :)