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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

This game was on tv!!!

I saw this on the news. I guess the shooting of children got someone's attention. Congratulations!!!

Good game

You know, if those kids could get their hands on axes, scythes, light sabers, multiple swords, and sais, why can they get guns? But anyway, it's a good game but I have to agree that the aiming needs work and weapons that you could switch out. Also it could have more upgrades. But still, it's a good game.


This game was ok...kudos on the whole "Yule Bloody Tide" as well as the music track, but other than that there are two things killing this thing. First off, since when does it take at least three bullets to take out a child when probably only one would at least severely injure one- not to mention -inflatable toboggans being able to take a bullet without popping?! What are you firing at these kids paint balls, lol?! I know this is only a game but you could have done a little better with the realism. Then second (& heres where the straw breaks the camels back)....the aiming. The aiming sucks due to only being able to face eight different directions & not moving a smooth 360° everywhere. Just keep at it dude! ;)



like many others

Smash TV vs Merry Christmas.

like the santa kung fu, game over screen was just a little...um. brutal. it actually offended grown ass men in women. in uniform. does that happen?