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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

Glittering Prizes!

Where's my toaster and gold bars?!


extreme xmas game that brought up the holiday spirit x3 i enjoyed it

. . .

A largely spamming game with only 8 directions of fire let it down, but it was still rather entertaining. I made sure i got all the medals before deciding i was bored

Orange: Grenade
White: Claymore Mines
Red: Double Shot
Green: Rapid Fire
Black: Rocket Launcher
Purple: Blades
Blue: 5 Shot

Nice Game

wow, it's very addicting. and little bit hard, because i played it with mouse pad.

Sorry for bad english

Giving you a 10 beause of Furious-B

Complaining about a game for lacking realism, because if you made the game realistic, you wouldn't need to really upgrade anything.

My favorite part of the game was when the Fat Kids started coming in, because my thoughts were - OH NO! FAT KIDS! ( One finally explodes on me ) WHAT!? ..That's so sweet.