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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

Repetitive but good

8-bit graphics, chiptune Christmas song, gameplay taken straight from Smash TV and blood. It is a perfect combination for a Christmas game.
The games looks and plays really, really good, but I hate to say that gameplay is too shallow. Unlike Smash TV this game has only one level, no bosses (I've played it to the 25th level, so maybe there are bosses that I don't know of) and it just goes on and on. It gets boring pretty quick.
But I realize that this is the game for killing some time (and greedy kids) and it was not meant to be anything deeper than that. At least that is the impression I've got from playing it.
The game has the charm and fantastic gameplay and it was fun while I was playing it. Yes it is repetitive but that is only one con against many pros that the game offers.

5/5 8/10

8-bit madness.

I just can't simply find a word to describe this wonderful masterpiece that you've created. Your probably the only one here whose made a game about Mrs. Claus and you've portrayed her like she's one badass killer. I just can't find any flaws in the game and suggestions on how to improve it. Except maybe having more enemies and an endless mode which you can have unlimited ammo while fighting your way through infinite hordes of naughty children. Props to you bro.


oh I love this kind of games!

Brings back good memories. :D No really. I love good arcade games!
Almost have all medals already, except one. The bloody mess one. :P But nice job on this game man. Very nice. Hope you make more arcade games because you're good at it!

Props!! 10/10 5/5

Twisted but fun xD

This game is pretty entertaining. Its simple but fun. The only thing I don't like though is the limited directions you can shoot, its pretty much just NSEW and diagonally, it can get pretty frustrating when a kid is coming at you at none of those directions, but you can get over that fairly quickly. :p Also the upgrades are cool hah. Good game.