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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

my longest review yet

To all of you who said the game is hard because you can only shoot in 8 directions GET A LIFE !

It would have been nice to have complete controll over the shooting angles but its a design choise, i really liked it and reminded me of robotron and smash TV, expecialy with the upgrades, i honestly found the games dificulty perfect, i am not a pro at this type of game, smash TV hand me my ass time and time again but this game I managed to get all the achievements on the 1st go and had fun doing it, my only problem with the game is its too forgiving, by the time i got to level 25 i had 7 extra lives and had died 2 times !! and with full upgrades and health regen after every level, I could have played this game for hour apon hour apon hour without Game Overing.
There were times i was a sliver away from diying and could never get a health pack but magicly i get 1ups instead, either i am very very lucky and 1ups spawned for me instead of Health kits or the game could use some tweaking in that area.

The weapons i absolutly loved, rapid fire, double shot, mines, rockets, metal blade (megaman II ? xD) all except .... the grenade launcher, too slow and not very accurate in my opinion, but thats personal preference.

Also 1 minor thing, the 2 times I died in the game before getting to level 30 and giving up, were because of the stupif fat kids, they give very little warning to when they are going to blow up and they blend in almost perfectly with the rest of the kids, now comming back to smash TV the big exploding guys were bright red, and flashed quite allot before exploding, making them easy to see but still quite a chalenge to dodge, also the "shrapnel" was very slow moving, the kids guys is lightning fast, if those were your intensions then i must say "pretty dick move bro".

A slight change in the area of effect of the grenades, making the fat kids at least more visible, perhapse a fix in the extra life generation and maybe making the shot direction 360º and this game would be perfect, but still fantastic game and id highly recomend it to anyone looking to kill time

Hard, addictive and funny.

This is a great game, hard, addictive and funny. The problem is the playability and the difficulty. It´s hard, so we cannot get all the medals. But it still enjoyable.

a totally awesome game

still not as good as poltergifts, but way awesome just the same!
p.s. my favorite gift boxes are the green one and the purple one! :)

It's not so bad

True the aiming does make it difficult, but once you get the hang of it it's not that hard. I got to lvl 26 without dying before I got bored and quit, did it mainly for the medals anyway. Once you start upgrading it gets easier, and if your really stuck then just try staying in one corner and shooting, if the tree dies the enemies tend to just wander around with a few getting close every now and then from the top and side. The tubes kids dont even come near you, th only thing you really have to keep your eye out for is when the fat kids explode.

Aiming was a huge problem

Far too hard when you can only shoot in 9 directions