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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

pretty boss.. EXPLODING FAT KIDS nice. The shooting is a little vague.

This was fun

This had some good action in it, thats what kinda kept me in it, It did get better as it went on though, so had a decent "BUILD-up" to it, was kind of neat, i do like that there was action in it and alot more then i thought, The powerups was pretty fun, made it worth while if you ask me, This was also pretty large in area so it did make for a good action scenes, So all and all this had some nice elements to it even a good quality of "GRAPHICS" and detail to it so notbad at all on those elements, as for some tips on making things better, to be honest i like it as is and thinks it works just fine, so nice job indeed, keep up the decent work especially on this flash.

So as for some helpfull tips as i mentioned, its pretty good as is, had decent graphics, nice animation, and had lots of action so from start to end it was ok.

A fun flash here lots of action, nice graphics and even animation.

Awesome themed...

But got some flaws - namely if you play with the mouse you press too much out of the screen and pause, witch gets kinda annoying. Also no refill option on tree, ammo and health after you finish the level. Only upgrading them helps but when you upgrade all things you just accumulate money but there's nowhere to spend em`. ;) Also could have used some variety in music and some bosses wouldavebeen hawesome.

Other than dat, it was awesome game and very well themed. ;)


fix the madelas plz

Snows runs red? isn't it Blood runs red?

Anyway this game is Epic, It has the same style as a game i have called [Total Carnage] My Best score was about 25,000 Points and i died at round 30. Plus i got all the medals. :] EPIC GAME BY THE WAY.