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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

Best Christmas game ever.

Wow! This game is much better than Kung Fu Santa. Don't get me wrong. I like Kung Fu. It's just you've improved the control responses now. Plus I get to kill bad kids. Great job!!!! ^______^

This game was alright. I miraculously had no problems with lag, but the controls and mechanics are what got me. For starters, the cursor (at least, the default Windows cursor) is white. Much like snow. This made it difficult to see where I was supposed to be shooting. Even while the whole screen was red, with all the things that were going on, it was hard to see my cursor anyway. Speaking of shooting, it was very hard to aim due to the fact that I needed to focus on both aiming with the mouse at some obscure location and evading enemies, not to mention positioning myself to fire, since there are only 8 directions!
The upgrade system is nothing new. In fact, it's a step down from most other "hold the line" type games I've played. Typically, there are more upgrades, they cost more to buy, and you can buy a repair for your "tree" or a heal for your character. After roughly round 15 (and that's an estimate), I had maxed out everything and was just seeing how far I could get.
Then I picked up so many 1-ups that, after around half an hour, I'm still going.
Also, the mine launcher was suicide to pick up in the later waves. The range was so short, that you essentially need to close-combat specific enemies in the middle of a lynch mob.
Other than that, I had a bit of fun with it. I think I'm gonna just stop at wave 30, though.

Great idea. Bad execution. Game is basically unplayable due to how bad it starts lagging even around level 8 or 9. Game is already at "low" quality by default yet includes effects such as extra blood and smoke. It is a good idea to allow the user to lower game quality, and to reduce special effects at lower qualities. There is no reason there should be so much blood and smoke particles on the "lowest" quality.

Control needs reworking as well. Mouse is fire, yet you only get 8 directions? 8 directions is fine, but don't use the mouse for fire if you can't shoot in all directions. For 8 directional fire, you should have used WASD for movement and arrow keys for firing.

This could be an excellent game but it needs to be completely reprogrammed. Reduce or eliminate the lag, implement quality options, and fix the control scheme.

got the winter warrior medal