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Reviews for "The Snow Runs Red"

hard and good game

not good but still cool i'm pissed off those stupid kids caroling around our country those stupid bitches


Simple, move around the screen point-and-click shooter. One very minor annoyance was positioning myself so the bullet would actually hit my target (since you only have 8 degrees of view). But who am I to judge? Also, a quality button in consideration of creakier and not up-to-snuff computers (like mine, lol) would be awesome. Although, what's the point of a quality button in a pixelly game?

Pretty good but.......

The the thing about being able to aim with the mouse is i was hoping for full circle aiming not just the compass directions. Other than that what better way to spend christmas than watching kicking the crap out of kids with almost every recognizable weapon known to man.


I enjoyed the 8-bit music, I thought it was actually rather well done. It sounded genuine, like it was written during that time as opposed to what amounts to parody with how people approach it these days.

Also, here's Morien18 coming in once again to say that videogames mirror our tendencies.
Its hilarious that someone "older" or in a "seat of power" has such a childish viewpoint on a matter like this.

Talk about cliches.

Morien's Review of Doom. Or something.

Alright, this is gonna be a lengthy one, for I feel there's a lot to say for this game.

This is the basic outline of what I think makes a game good.

Visuals - how a game looks, usually focusing heavily on artistic design.
Audio - Sound effects and broad use of music that fits the theme.
Gameplay - the feel of the game, as well as how easy/difficult it becomes to maneuver your character.
And most importantly, Creativity - How original your ideas were, and how they would compare to other titles.

Now that we know the outline, let's hit these topics in more detail.

Visual Pros: It's quite nicely made. Interesting use of proportions, and the stage design is quite good. The Ms. Claus character as well as the children were nicely done, and a splendid job on making sure they all weren't just one kid design used over and over. Done by someone who definitely knows how to use pixels.

Visual Cons: While there were nice visuals, there wasn't a whole lot to visualize. Maybe as you progressed through the levels, there'd be a change throughout the whole level, you know? To leave something like a stage as static as that only leads to boredom.

Audio Pros: Nice job on making 8-bit renditions of some classic christmas songs. nice touch for a game like this.

Audio Cons: While you did a great job with the three songs... there's only three songs, and they're quite repetitive. Maybe some more songs would've done nicely with the progression, seeing as the difficulty rises up a notch, why not the music?

Gameplay Pros: For an overused style of control scheme for online games, the mouse and keyboard combo tends to give people the feel as if they were playing something like Team Fortress 2 or something along that genre, therefore being a somewhat effective tool.

Gameplay Cons: Although the mouse and keyboard control scheme is nice, it definitely needed some work. maneuverability was somewhat of a bitch when it came to being surrounded by the enemies. The only thing that balances out and keeps this game from falling flat on it's face is the fact that you could move through your enemies.

Creativity Pros: For a christmas game, it does alright. One of my personal favorites was the actual unmentioned purpose of the tree (the sole source of all your extra weapons). But I'm afraid there's a lot I wanna nitpick about when it comes to creativity.

Creativity Cons: As i played, I saw nothing but cliches left and right. It was almost sickening. A massacre at the North Pole? CLICHE. A dark, gritty christmas story? CLICHE. A bunch of little snobby brats who need to be taught a lesson? CLICHE. And my least favorite one; A large, slow moving enemy that tends to explode into harmful pieces under a certain event? CLICHE. Sadly, Creativity was hit pretty hard in this case. Some of these ARE forgivable, but some other things just make it too much like an attempt to make your own version of somebody's awesome idea (Ooooh, vampires? let's make my own version of them who sparkle in the sun!).

I can forgive the story, but certain elements just frankly pissed me off. Why children? It could've been soulless agents who wanted to ruin christmas for the kids so they can keep focusing on school, or even monsters, but no. You chose children. Some people can tolerate that and see it as "Just a game." But those who tend to be old, and sometimes in a seat of power, get freaked out and concerned for the direction we're going for making games like this.

If there's anything I've outgrown, it's those large exploding enemies that people seem to overuse nowadays. IT DOESN'T SURPRISE US ANYMORE! We see a fat thing walking around in a game (or in real life, if you're an asshole like me), we KNOW it's going to explode. Hell, I'd be satisfied if you used some scrawny emo kid who exploded into dark energy or something! At least I'd be surprised at that point.

So, here's where you stand.
Visuals: 4/5
Audio: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Creativity: 3/5

Overall, a very splendid game, but overused elements tend to keep people from second guessing what happens next.

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