Reviews for "Effective Attack"

Difficult Game

Okay i played this game for 30 minutes, took 183 tries first time. The second 53 tries, the games not to difficult after you beat it once, I think im ranked 4th right now for the day. The game needs power ups which extend the time or let you make two mistakes etc... other wise decent game fun for about 20 minutes if that 3/5.

Right Click!

I was able to cheat a bit by right-clicking and moving my mouse off the screen . Try experimenting with it and it could help with those tricky levels.


But level 6 is simply wrong.
Each other level took me about 11 tries (I counted that)
The 6th one took me 169 tries!!! The second passage is too narrow and when you slow down the rocket sways and touches the wall.


i made it harder for myself by using my track pad i need to find my mouse

Shit game

Title says it all. Too hard.