Reviews for "Effective Attack"


Got past level 10. Didn't even try the next I was already so bored with it. Actually, I probably wouldn't have even tried to get that far if it wasn't for all of the posts saying how hard it was. If its not too much lost, you should probably just throw away any idea of a sequel.

Pretty Fun

I think it's pretty fun. I'm trying to play this on a laptop pad, so I couldn't get too far. Haha.
I wouldn't spend a crazy amount of time on this.

It's a good idea but...

It's much to difficult. It starts off nice and simple, and then by the second level, it gets really difficult. Level 3 on its own seems impossible, and I dread to think of how difficult the other levels would be. The idea is genius, and I love it, though it should be at least a little less difficult, at least at the start.

Unfair Assult more like

Kept me on it for.....5 minutes because I liked the idea but it was so unfair in the amount of rocket energy you had and the fact every level is the same as the one before it as in every level is going through long thin gaps again and again and again

Laptop? Don't bother.

It's a good game, don't get me wrong. However, if you're playing on a laptop don't even bother unless you have a USB mouse or something.
That said, provided you can successfully play the game, it is excellent and definately worth the time.