Reviews for "Effective Attack"


impossible for use with touchpads

its alot of fun, EXCEPT.......

its succesptible to the "right click method" like alot of mouse maze games are. the art reminds me of that tanks retro arcade game.


I do enjoy my daily aberrations from work. It could use some better backgrounds and different music- I do like the smoke trails- keep em!


If you're using a laptop and do not have a mouse, this game is near impossible. There is not enough time to get to the enemy base using a pad.

Three thumbs down.

Somewhat infuriating

I was impressed with the simple nature of the game, but a four second fuel limit for these missiles seemed to be quite unrealistic. I'd have made a few changes to the format, which may or may not have had much of an effect upon the overall gameplay:

1) Targeting computer - plot out the route that the missile / rocket is to follow, then send it on it's way - this is really down to timing, dependant upon mobile obstacles.

2) 3D targeting - we know that nowadays targets can be shot at by launching things over the top, so this really needs to advance. I know that it brings in a whole new wave of issues with the programming, but if the game is to advance, then it needs to take something positive forward.

3) Blast radius - when a missile explodes, it will do some damage. After the four second limit expired, the explosion graphic practically engulfed the base and as a result, I was very dismayed to see that the base still stood, without so much as a scratch.

You've earned a daily 5th for this (getting props from the medal obsessed community is always good) but more work is required, if you're to get this up to daily feature standard. I'm sure you're capable of this :D

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