Reviews for "Effective Attack"

Awesome game

This was a very fun game,i loved the concept of it guiding a missile through narrow passages & obstacles to destroy an enemy base in a certain amount of time and i found the scoring system pretty creative seeing how many missiles it takes you to destroy 20 bases which took me 34 to do i found it easy to do on a touchpad rather than a regular mouse,the animation was awesome and fit the game very well i thought with it's grid like look and i also found it quite colorful for the style,overall i enjoyed this game very much and think you did a great job. :)

well are you filipino are you?

yeah because adobo is a filipino food LOL ADOBO GAMES


this is a hard game.. probely because im doing this on my laptop with a touchpad instead of a mouse:D

Pretty good game

the game itself is a challenge.i prefer this over the sissy games on newgrounds


7th on th highscores! :) addicting as hell