Reviews for "Effective Attack"


this game sucks without a mouse.


nearly impossible playing on a laptop without a mouse.... :/

Bug Comment


Since no one besides SxD said it, Area 6 can be done cause of lag bugging it. You just have to smash rockets against the wall till you "hit" the target (cause of the area of explosion) by going through the wall, cause of the mini lag from the smoke particles. It is, despise that bug, the hardest level of the game, as the rest can be tricky, but can be done "easily" (after some trys).
Oh, if the missile explodes BEFORE you touch the target, IT WILL NOT COUNT as you'd hit it with the missile.
Challenging (specially level 6!), good music, good sound effects (when you fire the missile, is it the sound of a match being lighten up?), maybe better graphics next time. the sad part is that there are so few levels of it, with more it surely be AWESOME!
keep developing argene!



I beat this in under 10 minutes. Now I have to keep the window open to get the other achievements. =/

More levels, other styles of gameplay, other terrain, multiple missiles? Combat missions? Could be better.

It's a great game!

My only problem was that the moving elements didn't always work. It only bothers me on the programming side of things.