Reviews for "Effective Attack"

Beat it! 395 first time around!

Definitely a frustrating game but worth the payoff in patience and satisfaction.

Some of the missile's do twitch when make very subtle movements and would hit mountains, causing them to explode. Other times you could 'rub' against a mountain sides and nothing would happen. Just something to think about.

A very fun game none-the-less though!


Can't get pass freakin' area 18

Good game

It's excellent piece of work. People who write bad reviews just because the game is too hard... no comments.

Also the fact that you can't play it on the touchpad... well, touchpads aren't supposed to be used for playing. Just buy a usb mouse, or simply play turn-based games.

Here's A Problem.....

It won't let me fire the f***ing missile! I pressed the pad button along with several f***ing keys and STILL nothing.

Christ man fix this damn game.

oh god

..taht game is to way hard. And the Guide sucks! It's like watching somebuddy who play the game either and looses. ...very motivating...hahaha