Reviews for "Effective Attack"


It was kind of fun, but after the first three levels it got boring. The only thing that made it difficult was the limited time you had with your missile, but other than that the levels were pretty simple.

gotta get someone to eat these raisins...

theyre blocking my shot at those monopoly hotels...

some medals seem broken

I played through the entire game and got the general and major medals, but I did not get the colonel or captin medals. My problem with the game is the shape of the missile, when I made a slight movement of the mouse the missile would turn and hit a wall.

kyuubifox inspired me...

kyuubifox's post a few down said that he could go through walls to kill the enemy. I thought about it and remembered the impossible test (or hardest game ever, one of those simplistic games). get as close to your enemy as you can, then right click and click on the enemy. Most of the time you will have to click past the enemy. It's no guaranteed hit, and a few levels you will have to do, but it sure is easier than doing them all.
Easy points! also I think this game got too difficult too fast. I'll say 8/10.

nice one, could be better

bad gameplay, almost impossible