Reviews for "Effective Attack"

Fun game but...

There was one thing that I noticed while playing. If you flicked the mouse really fast you could go through the obstacles so technically if you got the flicks down right you wouldn't even have to bother with the maze part. Other than that it's a fun games, good concept and unique.

unrealistic,but still good

theres no moving objects that move that fast,and it might be realy hard to stop an ATGM,and today missles are able to fly over mountains,and im pretty sure that even with a TOW or a SPIKE,you wouldn't be able to stop a missle from hitting an obstacle

Average. A lot of room to improve, though!

The only problem is the medals are based on how long you're playing the game. I rather dislike medals like that, because you can't exactly get them quickly. I mean I hunt medals so I might be a little bias in that sort of way. Although the game is just like a futuristic maze game with a different look to it (firing from a tank instead of going through the maze) it does have a twist in there's different units. The fact that the would-be timer in normal maze games is a bar of the rocket's energy remaining fits the theme perfectly. That was an OK job. I really didn't especially like how the levels were just the same thing kind-of. If you could make it different (sorry, I can't help you with how) I think this game would be a success. There are many things you could improve on in the game. Such as you could give it a level-up screen where you can buy upgrades like more speed, fuel, etc.
I hope I helped, and I hope you get to see this comment!

unrealistic, but fun.

i liked the idea of guiding an object through different paths within a time limit. the game sorta gives you some sense of urgency and you can literally feel the adrealine rush during the flight. (although it only last for seconds). the game offers a great challenge to the hand-eye coordination. it may take you dozens of tries to get through a level, but the game certainly gives you lots of satisfaction upon completion of the level. the game was neither too short nor too long, and can be a good time waster.

missiles are capable of flying over mountains nowadays. you don't have to navigate through valleys in order to reach the target. also, whenever a missle encounters an obstacle on the way, it can't just slow down and stop in the midair to wait for opportunity to pass through obstacles. the physics behind the game is unrealistic. therefore, the background of the game has to be changed to make it resembles more to the real world. instead of asking the player to guide the missile through those valley, it would be more appropiate to replace the missile by torpedoes (just a suggestion), and the game should take place underneath the water. sometimes it is more desirable to launch the missile deep underneath the ocean to avoid detection, and it might be necessary to navigate along the seabed in order to reach the target. this might be able to make the game more realistic in terms of physics.

as mentioned by some other reviewers, the learning curve is quite steep at some point. the first level was almost too easy for me and i had little problem finishing the first 5 levels. at level 6, however, was much more challenging than the previous ones, and it took me quite a while to complete level 6, similar to the later ones where rotating obstacles were introduced. maybe you should reduce the difficulty of certain levels to make the learning curve smoother. this allows the player to master their skills more efficiently.

level bonuses should be given to players who managed to finish a stage within a given amount of time/numer of tries, including reduced fuel comsumption, smaller angle when changing direction, etc,. allowing the player to select difficulty would be nice because some people are more accurate than the others. introducing different difficulty settings addresses the need of most players.

Fun short game - on a touchpad!

Fun concept - but impossible to play with a trackball - but way too easy on a touchpad! Big hint: don't use the interface to make the game difficult.