Reviews for "Effective Attack"

A bit too difficult.

I mean, when your third level is damn nigh impossible, it's time to lessen the difficulty curve a little. A quality game nonetheless.

Another mouse one

Well this is just another mouse game, this time someone added a bit .... sense to it.
the difficulty was ok, beatable and not to easy, although the moving circle in lvl 19 was REALLY annoying.
Music ok, the maintheme of this game was war, and the music fittet the Wartheme
the rocket seems to freak around, everytime i got a bit slowly it's directions moved around and hitted an obstacle, annoying. My computer mouse IS ok, i've checked it after i noticed that.
Like oneOther i had to WAIT for the other medals! This shouldn't be.

Anyway, good mousemaze idea, isn't that bad at all but NEEDS improvement (don't increase the difficulty level, it's difficult enough)
And waterdude125, i'm no superhuman and beated it.... it's possible


i love the idea,and i got your memo of ITS SO HARD but i didn't think i was going to give up after the 2nd level.Really,WHAT THE HELL.whoever finishes this game is super human.


how is this fun? i think this game needs more construction... its just like idk, boring

Medals for 30 minutes?

Boring: I've done the game in less than 10 minute... so I must wait for the 3 last medals... damn u_u

And some levels are buged... like 3-4 levels out of 20... making it easier or harder to finish. If there aren't bugs, there're really... useless...

Otherwise, not else to say... than the note is equal to how many levels buged in %