Reviews for "Effective Attack"

Too Hard

I have a laptop and it is very difficult to play this game.

Old dog, New tricks.

This is just a bacic "avoid the walls" game with an added timer or "fuel". Hard yes, but definitely beatable.
I did find a couple glitches though. Some levels had spinning objects that weren't spinning and moving the mouse very fast sometime causes the missile to pass through thinner objects.
Though most of the time these glitches don't actually cause the level to be easier, and I probably would have gotten a higher score had I not tried to abuse these.

Fun game.

Why do people complain its so hard?

It's fun

It's fun but it can really get on your nerves. I got to lvl eight before giving up for today. The problem I have with the game is that the learning curve is just insanely steep. After level two I found that level three was way harder than level four and five...combined. That's right, level three took me longer to complete than I took getting through level four and five combined. Level six was a pain! I got passed the obstacles three times only to miss twice and have it blow up right before the base once. Gave up on level eight because it got too late and I was getting increasingly frustrated. Still, it is a simple game with a slightly older gaming concept given a different look and a crazy fast timer...with a huge difficulty curve. Thanks and have fun.

It's just....

too hard. I mean, Area 6 took the shit out of me! It's just too hard. Too hard.