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Reviews for "HeRobot (promo)"


Is it Hero-bot or He-robot? I like the colors, but robots are usually more... boxy. As for the takeoff, maybe some white smoke and flames would do. I like it

DunamisBeam responds:

It's both. Haha. I was thinking that, but I was not sure what to do for the smoke. It kinda takes away from the animation.


The music was perfect, and the animation was highly enjoyable. Plus the robot was well drawn.

But maybe the screens in the back could move? Them being stationary makes me lose interest in them straight away. And the explosion needs some work itself. Other than that, though, great work!

DunamisBeam responds:

Right on. I understand. Thank you very much.


Simply Not bad


The robot is way too colorful.. :(
try to make some real colors in it
like gray and red or blue and gray.
but the design is good.
I'm looking forward to it! :D