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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

Really good

I liked it. And it's a huge time-waster when you have nothing to do all day.

very good tip

max out your fist just in case.


The BB gun and my fists with Timmy were the best. Good job.


an amazing game i have no problems with it except i wish it had a more variety of enemies. they look diffrent but most do the same thing
but still one of my favorite games

Evil dog / Evil night >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you want to play this game you should before : eat , make pee , make poo ,sleep , call to mom , and whatever you need to do to avoid distractions . I have played around 2 hours [ personal record ] to finish it >[ time can change depending of your disposition and patience and abilities ]. This game will take you to madness .It is a good game for playing of course , and this guy and his mates will not fail you . Here you need to survive with home weapons along three different modes : son , mom and dad . Weapons have cost and use. Requirements? - wisdom , patience , courage
I won´t tell more about this game , better play it and decide by yourself .
Not for nothing he is called Evil dog .
TIP: maybe your computer can suffer freezing during game. [ I do not why but my computer had same problem ] I think this happens because graphics are heavy or your system cannot deal with too much functions.
Solution for freezing : Disable sounds and just let game working
Good luck.