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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

Very fun!

This game is very fun and unique. I killed a few hours playing it already. It would be cool if there was a boss at the final wave but fun nonetheless.

This is great !

Everything about it it's great, it's a bit hard but I love some challenge :-)


good game but creepy...

perfect combo

This game has the perfect combo: hard and fun(not to mention the HOLY SHIT! factor). Which makes the game completly addicting, I started it at about 11 last night then i was too tired to keep playing at about 1 so what was the first thing I did this morning? Get up and play poltergifts of course! great job on this extremely addicting game!


Great great great great great.

The concept's not super original, but the story is for sure! It's simple and entertaining. The difficulty progresses perfectly as do prices for upgrades. I love this game a ton(:(: