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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

What a Slugfest

Poltergifts is everything the title says: possessed toys, possessed toys, and possessed toys. Pretty much every second of game time will consist of getting an eyeful of the raping of your childhood friends(we're still talking about toys).

The game is pleasantly challenging, though in the beginning it's a little annoying and towards the end very, very repetitive. The actual entertainment value depends on if you like this sort of game and how good you are at micramanaging.

For most, the fun parts will be running willy-nilly with the chainsaw/shotgun, finally beating the game, and replaying the whole thing with everything upgraded and just mowing everything down.

For me, the satisfaction is built up from frustration- i.e: blasting the flying spiders into oblivion with a shotgun or going to town on a giftbox monster with the croquet mallet (a word on the mallet: it's like the [pressure] hammer from Unreal Tournament; it's slow, but it does a good job).

My recommended weapons for the Timmy, Mommy, and Daddy rounds are as follows:

Timmy: BB Gun
Mommy: Croquet Mallet
Daddy: Shotgun

The BBG is good for taking down spiders and cars, so make good use of it.
The CM is great for smashing teddy bears, bots, and GBMs.
The Shottie is slow, but it's fantastic for crowd control; figure out its general area of damage, as it's the only weapon that splashes.

This is not to say that the other weapons are crap. No, it's quite the opposite: The Water Gun is good in a pinch, the Boomerang is a lifesaver(Frisbee is a nice imitation, tho'...), and the chainsaw is good for a steady combo/last stand.

When I played this through the first time, it was entertaining, but sheer hell.

The second time, it was genuinely fun. However, even with full upgrades, the final hour was a pain in the arse. In fact, I ended up relying on a wall of fans and widescreen TVs as I desperately pummeled a obscene wall of the bigger enemies with little Timmy's little fists towards the end of 5:30. It was vaguely... darkly... amusing...

Well, that's all I have to say about this game- now go kick some Poltergift arse!


This game is REALLY addicting...the best weps for me are the boomerang and the Mual

Good game, 1 strange fact

Is it only me,. who noticed, that if i kill a bear, it's similar to Doom's death voice.


brrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaazzziiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiillllllllll

Unbalanced but addictive ;)

I really like the idea of this game and killing evil presents is fun :D only problem is that the weapon to badguy ratio is a bit off e.g. at 4:10 I had like 10 bad guys and no weapons rofl but other than that it's a brilliant game :D