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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

not working ...

after newgrounds its not working...

Pretty Addicting Game

I've beaten it several times already and I still keep coming back to it for some reason. Great game, great medals, just keep up the great work.

Pretty Cool!

I enjoyed playing this, although sometimes it can be pretty frustrating. While I think the game mechanic of gambling on which presents to open is pretty cool, it can also lead to your demise. It's all based on luck, instead of skill. Wave mode also seems way too long, almost twice as long as it should be (thank god for the save feature). Despite all of this, I found all of the weapons and enemies pretty creative ( I like how you get to see most of the enemies up close when you lose, I really like how you drew them). The background music is spectacular, and it definitely sets the mood for the game. I just wish that there were a few more songs similar to it, just to change things a bit when the player hits the 2:00 and 4:00 count.

Have a Holly Jolly Deathmas!

A very intriguing game with alot of classic quirky horror to it. Who says its too late to still celebrate a little Halloween spirit in the Yoel tide season. I when I was playing it it brought me memories on the best and worst horror movies of the past. Blood Dolls, Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker, Puppet Master and the ever present Chucky from the Chucky movie franchise. For bringing me such dark Christmas joy I herby award you and your other great fellows a perfect score a 5/5 and a solid 10/10. I hope you've enjoyed this small little gift as much as I did mine. Oh, and don't let any jerk tell you that your game sucks because it dosen't. Those who mock others because of their great capabilities are jealouse because they lack of it and you my dear gentlemen are respectfully astonishing by your own creative rights. I hope you've enjoyed this commentation, I wish you a pleasent day!


awesome great game but jut one thing it is mess up no offence but it is just creep how the monsters attack you when they reach you please do not be mad just letting you know what i think