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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

Solid Game

Another Solid game. I could not stop playing it.
The close up graphics for when you lose are great, the strategy involved in survival mode is fantastic. Couldn't ask for much more.

...except a pause button.

In all seriousness, keep up the good work!


Consider your warranty INVALIDATED!!

now that was one enjoyable yuletide slugfest, from the creepy intro to the last scrambling minutes of the wee hours. Gamewise, its a challenge but not impossible. Given the right investments, you can last a good long time, which is where the enjoyment comes from anyways. Its a fine game though, no giant complaints or nothing.. only tiny ones is make the cars a bit slower, they were worse than the damn bears. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Awesome Halloween game.

This was one fun Halloween game,the concept of it was great having to use use a variety of different weapons to stop the all the creepy monster toys from coming to you which by the way the monster designs looked awesome & creepy especially the closeup scenes when you lost,the difficult had a perfect balance with it not being easy but pretty difficult too,i like how it had three different modes of play though by far my favorite was the wave mode,overall i enjoyed this game for a good few hours and wouldn't mind playing it again. :)

If you make a another one

could u not make the weopons to enmy ratio so one sided

sweet game

YEEEAAAAHHHHH got some medals from this!