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Reviews for "Poltergifts"


Great game in every aspect. Few games are like that :D
I'm saddened that I got the immortal achieve only to die the very next wave lol >.>
Can't wait for your multiplater game :P

Nice and scary game.

really smart with the gifts whether which one is a real present or which one is a monster inside. I really find the teddy bear deaths really scary as hell. Keep up the good and scary work on your upcoming games.

damn right!

This is a great game! The details and graphics are awesome and the game is challening and fun. First thing I learned about this game is...you will die. At some point or another, it will happen. But that's ok, cause I enjoy a good challenge. The only weapon that I find completly useless is the water gun. The pump action reloading, while fun to watch, is a down right bitch while fending off the damned. Other than the super soaker thingy, this game is perfect.

Fun, but...

Way too luck based and way too difficult. At wave 4 I went up against 10 enemies with only 2 weapons.


Why can't the dude just perform a traditional Druid Moon Dance. The dance is 93.2% effective.