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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

I don't even know what to say...

But I will try...
I think i never played a game so perfect like this one:

Mysterious story.Makes you very curious about WTF is going on.

Simple but beatiful concept.The water,doors,enemies,scenario,and the robot itself.

The music just fits the game perfectly,sometimes i just stopped to listen.

Highlights for the camera.I don't know how it works but the diferent angles while you're moving were just incredible and fantastic.

The evolution thing like in "Robot wants" series,at least for me,never fails.

Medals...just perfect

And to finish the K.O.L.M thing.Again perfect.

10/10 is not enough for this but since it is the maximum score...10/10 it is

Resuming everything: Flawless victory

Just finished playing...

Holy shit.

I have no words.


I really enjoyed this game a lot. I love the games where you know you're getting used from the start but theres nothing really you can do about it. After escaping though I decided to play again to see if anything different happened if I didn't initiate the countdown timer. I'm not sure if there was any dialog change before I left because i kinda forgot to look (lol). Anyway this was a phenomenal game and if you could let me know if anything different is said that would be great. Keep up the good work!


WHEN U GET TO THE LOWEST LEVEL OF THE GAME AND U SEE A WHITE BALL OBJECT BEENing defened by gold bar lasers it a code to blow up the hold levels up with u with it u got 3:00 mins to get out tusth me i was catch off gurad

ultimate epic drama game

wow you made a wonderful game very dramatic but i love it. you deserve to have this game first place. you made teh best game i ever played and finished it without too much stress but a overload stars for yoru best work ever. I wish i had some more nice comments for you bout this good game. sadly this is all i got. Nice job.