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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."


This game was innocent at the first, but became creepier and wierder as the story progressed. What is this "Plan?" Why are you here? Where is the father? Why are your brothers set to kill you? When will we find the mother? Of course, there is a lot of questions about this game that remain unanswered...


sequel worthy holy crap amazing game holy crap awesome story holy crap insane puzzles holy crap awesomeness you get 20/10 and 10/5from me, no limits on this game man !!!

Beautiful in every way.

The story.. I don't know. You just grow a spot in your heart for the little guy, who's
just trying to please his wicked mother

I love the graphics and the security-cam type look to it, though the screen did zoom out quite a bit in larger areas and made it a bit hard to see. The gameplay was smooth as silk, and the music fit perfectly.

The end though.. the end was incredible. It had my heart racing, and I finished with seconds to spare. Great game, definitely! Now to find those missing tiles so I can [hopefully] get that last medal.

I say this deserves a sequel!


today i saw the 2nd one on the front page and im thinking "wait i didnt beat the first."
so i ran through from the start and grabbed most items beat it . Then i went back and got all items.
the only thing i dont like is near the end where mother keeps spamming text and i wasnt able to read on of the texts that seemed important in the story.
Anyway a great game.

It's not Portal....

Even the title is hint as to what the game is like. Here are three hints to figure out what game this one truly similar too: First theres the fact that you need items to get to other areas to get more items until the end. Second is the need to get a better weapon to open more doors. Finally is the fact that at the end of the game the place self- destructs and you have to escape from the end to the very start! Really though good game.