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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."


This was fantastic and the music was very well done and mesmerizing

best flash game ever?


Nice Game

You made an original, creative game with a good story I can actually follow. Keep up the good work!

Dear god...

This was a story delivered in a way literature cannot convey.
The slow, steady march towards strength... and when strength is at last yours, the discovery of the truth; the truth behind the lies you had simply taken for granted thus far. The panic of the combined story, music, and score at the end simply blew me away.

As a writer, I salute you, good sir. This is truly a masterpiece.

And to all those asking for a sequel... what made this game was its standalone, unique independence. What would it be if there was another just like it?

And I'm still shaking.

inpossible to lose

i at -1:35 minute and no explosion