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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."


Well it starts up nice and easy, but when I get to main game I just get a screen that says Camera 24 on it. Lives, times, and items are all maxed out and no matter what key I push, it won't let me do anything. So I don't know if it's broken or what. If it is, please fix it a.s.a.p. if not, then please explain what I'm suppose to do.


It wont start i just see camera 24 O.o

So how exactly do I advance?

Room 10 seems impossible to advance through, I've tried shooting the thing, timing it and all that and it jsut will not let me through.

another game

that i cant play cuz my arrow keys are fked up. all games shud have an option to change the controls.....

no idea

I played till the robot where bosslike music came and didnt now how to get to him.
sad.seemed like a nice game but im stuck.