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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."


Nothing more to even say.


This game reminds me of something ive played before. cant quite put my finger on it. Super Mario?


i love the story and the ending was awesome.

!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

KOLM! Kind Of Like Metroid!!!!!!!! lolololololololol! what a fantastic game! 10/10!

Probably one of the best games I've ever played.

My first impression of this game was somewhat similar to that of "Robot wants Kitty", where you go around exploring stuff, and then a happy ending. But as the game goes on, it did strike me as kind of weird to have someone lose hope on a child, and only gets happier when that robot upgrades. I mean, why even want the child when you have already given up on it? And that unexpected betrayal happens.

While playing the game, even though there were hard elements like performing a high-jump and such, it just amazes me to find such simplicity in such a beautiful game. With the continuous upgrades to please the Mother, it doesn't cease to amaze me with the appropriate soundtrack and the want to find out more about the characters.

What really did make an impression of this game was partly due to the ending too, the fast-paced music almost synchronizing with my quickening heartbeat by the second, and it doesn't seem to stop increasing my bpm whenever I try going through the same route to escape. The music fits the mood, the character fits the story, and it does indeed make me think back of what the robot exactly is doing by pleasing Mother only to find its trust betrayed, and the truth twisted.

Apart from a minority number of glitches and bugs, there appears to be a major flaw. That is, you can still make your way to the escape route without a timer, without destroying the facility. And that once the time limit turns negative, you would've just lost your invincibility, yet still be able to escape? Something to work on too, which is even without achieving invincibility it is still possible to end the game early, giving a chance for the player to miss out on the storyline. However, it is not really that much of a huge error that'll impact the gameplay on the whole, so it is not undeserving of the 10/10 that I am giving.

And just a comment, maybe "Kind Of Like Metroid" is a bit too much on the general idea of the game. Maybe a name that gives the game a specific topic would give the player much more of an impact on the type of game they'll be expecting. Just a suggestion (: