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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

that was a..

good game...i'm actually crying

made me cry.....

remind me of the time my mother kick me out of the house 6 years ago never saw her after that


A beautiful, beautiful game. The gameplay was good and the music and storyline were fantastic :)

I'm hungry for more

I really enjoyed playing this. I always love a game with retro styled graphics. The gameplay is solid, albeit challenging. The composed music was spectacular, and I don't think the game would have the same impact if you used 8 Bit chiptunes to match the graphics.

I'd also really loved the open exploration style of the game, since I'm a big fan of Metroid and Castlevania. I noticed the that the game was designed this way within the first 2 minutes, but didn't understand the title untl the very end. Seeing the secret message made me laugh though.

The story was pretty interesting although some of the text rolls by too quickly that it's easy to miss. I had to replay the ending, since i missed parts of the dialogue in the chaos of trying to escape the place. I'm sure you intend to keep it ambiguous (unless by some miracle you make a sequel to explain it) but I really do want to find out what happened prior to the game's events.


Great music, great storyline, great graphics. Only one little tip: Make a button where you can turn off the sound fx (like when you shoot or walk for example), but where the music will be still playing. Despite that its just an awesome game. It reminds me of Commander Keen btw.
Good Job.