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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

Is beautiful, this game. Everything from the soundtrack and map design, to even the smallest of details such as the gun actually having recoil and the tidbit of silence between music loops. The only things I could complain about was its short completion time (even when getting full completion), OHKO on your player character, and the camera always zooming out to show the whole room instead of focusing on Robbie.

Also, what is that ambiance at the menu screen? I can't find it anywhere, unlike the rest of the soundrack...

Good music. Epic ending. This game deserves the 5 stars.


This game is Beautifully paced, it made you feel accomplished when you received a power up, but it was never enough. for Mother had minimum satisfactory in what you did and it made you want to please her even more.until the end where She tries to kill KOLM, its sad, you bond with KOLM and this, is a DEEP game that toys with emotions. I want you to know i appreciate this work of art.

This game is AMAZING! (Yes, all caps.) I love this game. I can't wait to finish and go on to KOLM 2.

pritty good and... hard