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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

a great game that reminds us all of a great game called metroid.

A very good game. Fun platforming and the search for upgrades is fun. The shooting was a fun too. The ending was great. Loved the little note for 100%ers

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Man, I played this around two years ago, and when it suddenly popped into my my head recently I remembered how much I loved it, coming back to it I can see why; the atmosphere and music are amazing, and completely compliment the context of the story, and although the controls aren't anything mind blowing, they work fine, the level design in some places can also be very well thought out, although in some places it can be a little frustrating and can ruin the pacing - but hey, that's just my opinion. Overall I loved it two years ago, and I love it now, great job!

this game is not only enjoyable through gameplay, but also a tale it tells is touching and sad. so much feel. 5 stars obviously and favorites :)