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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

Bravo to everyone that helped make this game, I-I loved it, the music was amazing and simply moving.
this is the kinda of game that you have to play in one sitting, I will admit that I died more than I should have but I never stopped, the music, the game play style, the feel of it, *joyful sigh* it kept me going and I loved the story behind this game and I am happy beyond anything to have been able to play such a moving and wonderful game.

I want to personally thank the developer(s) for making such an amazing game.

Absolutely brilliant

It's kinda like Metriod, I like it. It was a deep game, with more than gameplay meaning. There is a moral to this, that I've yet discovered.

well its a great game but i encountered a glitch (or just poor judgment) where i got the slide pack and went down the hope tunnel and now i am stuck there with the crazy purple mystery robot with only a level 1 blue plasma gun :(

This game mixes the gameplay and feel of Metroid And atmosphere of Bioshock a truly great mix