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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

This is a strange yet amazing game, I remember playing this years ago but forgot the name, and just today, i found this; this tiny piece of my childhood.

Thank you developer for this wonderful experience.

Oh, i remember this game from those days, when everything seems to be fine. Still love this game, and i'm glad that i still can play in it. Just Perfect. I think that one of this games that instilled in me love of the Metroid-style games.

Oh my god. This. Is. Amazing!! 1 entire hour of content, into a flash file! This is the funnest game on Newgrounds!

I've always loved this game. Good old days.

The-EXP responds:

Thanks for playing :) I like this one too.

This is one of the best web metroidvanias with the most awesome theme and atmosphere I've ever played.

2 was even better.

And it was a real shame that he didn't continue with his plans to make a fuller featured version for Steam.