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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

"You may be free of this House. But youll never be free of me."

10/10 i have never said the word 'FUCK YOU MOTHER !!' more in my life.

Its p dang gud, i played this when i was like 10 and forgot what it was for the longest time, shame the kickstarter failed. Shouldve remade it anyways with what you had available if it was possible.

Though the kickstarter one looked like it had too much bloom and particle effects and the lack of the environment wasnt very good, so it seems it wouldve looked more like fan-creation more than anything.

I always loved this game. Also, if anyone else is experiencing medal glitches, try reloading and continuing from your save. Even if you've beaten the game, it will reload you just before the endgame item so you won't have to replay for them.

I really like this game, even though I don't play platformers since as I suck at them. The only thing I hate is how it turns into a rage game in the last 3 minutes. I have the perfect route on my mind, but because of all that's going on I can't even get half the way. So I always end it in a pacific way, knowing in my heart she's not.