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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

Great game

Great game nice music and a good chalenge, I like the whole mom concept so far, but one question I need to ask

Have you tested it part the point where you get double jump, because it is literally impossible to get anywhere after I get the jetpack upgrade. I cant seem to get onto a ledge or able to get passed that poiint and Ive been trying for a half hour now

very nice indeed

Quite the long and intricate game.....I love collecting parts and upgrading...lots of backtracking but it's fun...Pixel graphics seem to be a new fashion but it fits this game perfectly...And the whole "Mom" thing is kinda creepy.Overall amazing game..another favorite for my collection

Very original.

A very nice platforming Metroid type game.

2 words,

I'm hooked. great game.


TO hard =_=